Fantasies of Cardiff Bay Opera House

Culturalfantasies_smallOur event posters are now live and available for download. They can be found at this link, in both a smaller, digital version and a larger, printable one.

Interested in the story behind the poster image? One of the organisers of Fantasies of Contemporary Culture has written a blog post about it:

Today, the finishing touches have been put to the event poster (pictured left), which features a rather abstract black-and-white image. This image is of an architectural model – more specifically, a model for Cardiff Bay Opera House. It can’t be found on most websites about the Opera House, however. You also won’t find this building anywhere in Cardiff today.

What is the story behind this image, and why have we chosen to use an architectural model on the poster for a fantasy symposium? The obvious answer is that, as both a Welsh monument and a structure that today exists purely in the imagination, the Opera House applies directly to our location and theme. But beyond that there’s a slightly more convoluted story that bears telling.

[Read more here].


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